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Listen to Mistress. by calicophoenix
The Oracle for Eclipse. by calicophoenix
-Moon Goddess- by calicophoenix
Character Doodles. by calicophoenix

For Portrait

Bullet; BluePortrait Sketch: 20 pts.
Bullet; Blue Portrait Line Art: 40 pts.
Bullet; Blue Shaded Portrait: 60 pts.
Bullet; Blue Completed Portrait(color, shading, etc.) : 80 pts.

For Profiles

Bullet; Blue Profile Sketch: 20 pts.
Bullet; Blue Profile Line Art: 40 pts.
Bullet; Blue Shaded Profile 60 pts.
Bullet; Blue Completed Profile(color, shading, etc.) : 80 pts.


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ATTENTION! Point commissions, trades, and collaborations are closed until further notice. College is starting over here for me and I have to focus all my efforts into it. Sorry. ^^;


For Busts

:bulletblue:Bust Sketch: 20 pts.
:bulletblue: Bust Line Art: 40 pts.
:bulletblue: Shaded Bust: 60 pts.
:bulletblue: Completed Busts(color, shading, etc.) : 80 pts.

For Profiles

:bulletblue: Profile Sketch: 20 pts.
:bulletblue: Profile Line Art: 40 pts.
:bulletblue: Shaded Profile 60 pts.
:bulletblue: Completed Profile(color, shading, etc.) : 80 pts.

For Chibis

:bulletblue: Chibi Sketch 5 pts.
:bulletblue: Chibi Line Art 7 pts.
:bulletblue: Shaded Chibi 10 pts.
:bulletblue: Complete Chibi(color, shading, etc.) : 15 pts.

:star: When doing chibi drawings, if you want more than one character in the drawing it's an additional 2 points.

For Full Body Drawings

:bulletblue: Full Sketch: 5 pts.
:bulletblue: Full Line Art: 7 pts.
:bulletblue: Shaded Line Art: 10 pts.
:bulletblue: Complete Full(color, shading, etc) : 15 pts.

:star: When doing full body drawings, if you want more than one character in the drawing it's an additional 4 points.

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So! It's been almost...3 months since I've updated on here. :lol: Ahhh, I've been back in college. Tackling English Comp. II(the class I'd made a C in back in 2011). ^^; It's actually going pretty damn good so far. I haven't failed any of my quizzes and I just sent in a short story essay comparing and contrasting the settings in James Joyce's "Araby" and "Eveline". That was soooo much fun. *gags* And I have to get started on a research paper on three poems from our book making connections between theme, allegory, setting, etc. Basically all the writing elements, but I have to choose like...two or three and work from those. They don't have to be by the same author or anything, which can either be a good thing or a bad thing. This assignment is basically what fucked me over last time I took this class. So all I can do is bite the bullet, really. I took my first test today. Well half of it. We took the objective portion which I'm sure I aced. Next Tuesday we take the essay portion of the exam. Splitting Headache! 

Bah! Off the subject of school. School's boring. Doing essays is mind numbingly boring as fuck. :lmao:

So, I don't know if anyone remembers(probably not), but back in December I had said something about taking point commissions of head shots/profiles/busts/portrait of people's characters. I think now might be as good a time as any. Understand though, it will take time because I am in school. And I have bumped up my prices. Nothing too bad. I'm not charging like 10000000000 or some crazy shit like that. :XD: Nah, I've decided to be a little more confident in myself and shift the price from like 5 points for a sketch up to 20. You'll be able to see at the top of my profile page. For the record, pencil pieces with the shading are equivalent to pieces with color in them: 80 points.


For Busts

:bulletblue:Bust Sketch: 20 pts.
:bulletblue: Bust Line Art: 40 pts.
:bulletblue: Shaded Bust: 60 pts.
:bulletblue: Completed Busts(color, shading, etc.) : 80 pts.

For Profiles

:bulletblue: Profile Sketch: 20 pts.
:bulletblue: Profile Line Art: 40 pts.
:bulletblue: Shaded Profile 60 pts.
:bulletblue: Completed Profile(color, shading, etc.) : 80 pts.

Examples of what you'll get:

Pencil w/ shading: Bust HOWZABOUTAKISSSSSSSS~? by calicophoenix  ProfileListen to Mistress. by calicophoenix

Digital sketch: Profile Moon Goddess-Redux WIP by calicophoenix

Digital w/ color, & shading: Profile Priestess-Angzhi the Fierce by calicophoenix Bust Character Doodles. by calicophoenix Profile Yored. by calicophoenix Profile -Moon Goddess- by calicophoenix  Bust New I.D. by calicophoenix

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, MY LOVELIES: These commissions are to be of your characters. Whether they are fan characters or original characters. I am not drawing CANON characters from a favorite manga/anime/movie/TV show etc. Now...if it's a fan character, that's different. ;) I also draw ponies. So if you've got a pony character, I'll draw a portrait of them.<3

My Loving Hubby:

My DA Family:





My avatar is by---> bashplz

My Dragon Egg(s) at…

.Stamp - Random Violence. by NecropathicHellraiser Quote 2 by DaakukitsuneOriginal IZ Fan by Firestar24Violence by Special-K-001violent art stamp by thechaosprojectAnti SlendermanxOC Stamp by TheMelancholicsHunter Stamp by Khamykc-BlackoutInvader Zim stamp by pantheon9000:thumb78767273:'Randumb' Stamp by HitmontopStamp . Smoker Love by Seyren-Windsor[STAMP] Gore Games by EmfenJhonen Stamp by In-The-ZoneSadist Stamp by black-roses-falling:thumb173003587:Stamp - L4D - Hunter by NocturnalKittenIrkens Don't Have Boobs by Maran-ZeldeI love the Smoker Stamp: L4D by KikiLimeTwilight's Vampires Suck by MandspasmWings maniac stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nStamp - The Slender Man by deaddoll00I Killed Sonic Stamp by LinkMasterXP
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Artist | Student | Varied

Hi. I'm Calicophoenix. Most know me as Kat(yes, short for Katherine). I've been a member of DA for a long time, since 2007. This is my second account. I abandoned my first account because the name was too weeaboo-ish for my taste and DA didn't have the name change thing available at the time. Plus I did a lot of noob and weeb commentary and just didn't want to associate with that shit anymore.

I'm engaged to a wonderful man named Jared. He and I have been together since 2008, and we're not planning on stopping anytime soon. He's up north in Canada working. I'm in college right now studying to be a dental hygienist. At the moment I'm going through prerequisite courses. Why dental hygiene? It's where the money's at. Plus I get to make up my own damn schedule.

As for my "art"... Sometimes I'm really happy with how something came out but then like a day or week later I look back and I'm like "What is this shit...?" I've been drawing since I was a kid. In my teens I *shudders* drew nothing but anime. And in my art classes in high school I'd get ridiculously pissy with my teacher(cuz it waz mah styyyle baaaww!) who wanted me to draw from life. Being the dumb fuck I was at the time I didn't realize how very fucking crucial it was to do so. So my work suffers for it now. And I didn't start taking my shit seriously and really start trying to change it until around...2009. So I spent my first 2 years on here posting anime shit that looked like something a 3 year old with Down Syndrome made.

As I started lurking around to appreciate other people's amazing art I felt bad about my own work(lol, still do). And then I decided to start making a change. No more anime/manga. Where others turned down good, honest critiques left on their deviations I'd read what left to rot and absorbed it like a sponge and applied it to my own stuff. Were the heads too big? The arms too long/short? Since I've started learning and working on human anatomy things have gotten better. Progress is slow though. Especially since I'm in college and have to study more often than not. But still, I keep drawing.

I am always and ever accepting of critique. My acceptance of such is no reason or excuse for you to be rude. You can tell me what's wrong without going on an infantile tangent and wasting my precious time. But I suppose beggars can't be choosers, can they? The only time you're ever really going to get a negative response from me when you leave what you think is a critique is when you tell me to kill myself or commit any other type of grievous bodily self-harm that could end in my death. And that's assuming I think you're even worthy of a response, which now that I think about probably won't be. Nah, you won't get blocked. Just ignored. Telling me to quit drawing will have the same effect. I'm never going to willingly stop so don't waste my inbox space with such idiocy.

Please do not leave chainmail on my page. Those things are stupid and take up space. I normally don't like to argue, but still have no qualms about tearing someone a new asshole. Especially art thieves. Yes, yes, yes... I fucking hate art thieves. They don't even have to be stealing from me(lol why would anyone steal from me anyways?). They've got no business taking someone else's art and claiming they did it. Lousy little fuckers. I don't care if it's just for trolling purposes or you didn't read the Terms of Service. Unless you've received permission, if you didn't fucking make it then *gasp* don't fucking post it.

Moving onto a lighter note. I'm a fan of many things. I like fantasy because pretty much anything's possible. I enjoy horror and the supernatural. Gorey films are favorites of mine. But I also enjoy cute stuff too. Yeah, I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. No, I don't care if you don't like it. No, I'm not going to try and change your mind. I still like to watch anime and read manga. And on the occasion I draw it, it's just very rare now. I like old Disney films, too. I enjoy Marvel comics. I love to play video games. That's about it. Take it or leave it~

Mmm, despite my lack of tolerance for theft, death threats, and just taking general abuse from others, I am actually a pretty nice person. You can talk to me and I won't bite your head off. ;) Otherwise, I doubt I'd have as many wonderful(and I do mean wonderful) friends as I do.

My Mane 6 Family:

Rainbow Dashes: :iconpyraisbored::iconicydragon946:

Twilight Sparkles: :iconilovelaith:

Pinkie Pies: :iconwolfiethefurry:

Fluttershys: :iconpossessedbunnyplush:

SCP Foundation: Euclid Symbol (Warning) by Lycan-Therapy



Dragon Cave Stamp by DragonHeartLuverAnti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-Zone

Current Residence: Inside your head!!! O.o
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything really.
Favourite photographer: My friend Ashley. =)
Favourite style of art: Surreal, abstract, manga, realism, pretty much anything really. XD
Operating System: Chainsaw... Oh! You meant computer system. <.< >.>
Shell of choice: A cawnch! XD
Skin of choice: Any kind as long as it goes on my wall...
Favourite cartoon character: zim, dib, gir, gaz, norm the genie, stewie griffin, kenny, cartman, kyle, stan...
Personal Quote: The world is darkness itself, but no one said you HAVE to be a slave to it.

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Thank you for the fav :hug:
snapdragonn Mar 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
calicophoenix Mar 18, 2014  Student General Artist
You're welcome! =)
Null-Entity Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Danke for faving ^_^
calicophoenix Feb 17, 2014  Student General Artist
I've seen that before. The editing in it is gawjusssss. 8'3
Kisaleaf Feb 8, 2014  Student Writer
eeeeh, Can't wait till your commissions open :D
GrotesqueDarling13 Nov 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
:D Thank you so very much for the watch!!! :hug: :squee: :thanks:
calicophoenix Nov 29, 2013  Student General Artist
You're welcome! I've missed your work. =)
GrotesqueDarling13 Nov 29, 2013  Professional General Artist
Did you leave dA or something?
I know I haven't left :nod:
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lemur97 Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer… REMEMBER OUR RPs WELL AHAHHAHAHAHAHAA *CURLS UP IN THE CLOSET*
calicophoenix Nov 24, 2013  Student General Artist

It's still awesome work, though. 83 Rarely do I get to see actually disturbing fanart of Jeff. Faith restoration in the creepy pasta fandom has gone up from 0% to 15% Progression of faith is slow for reasons... XD
lemur97 Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Ikr? I love how it looks like it's in infared, too! <3333
calicophoenix Nov 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Ditto! They did a damn good job with it. Because Jeff is a creepy ass mother fucker just on his own. Add night vision/infrared to the mix and you haz nightmare fuel~! :iconhappyfacebleedplz:
lemur97 Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
calicophoenix Nov 23, 2013  Student General Artist
I just finished watching it, thank you for the link~! :la:
lemur97 Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
calicophoenix Nov 23, 2013  Student General Artist
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calicophoenix Nov 4, 2013  Student General Artist this what I think it is...? OvO *Screams her fucking head off upon clicking the link and spazzes out for the next seven hours.*
RainbowNinjaGuardian Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dude, your art and icon are fabulous! O_O
calicophoenix Nov 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you so much! >w<
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